Education For All

CIIOMFI firmly believes that Oral Implantology doesn’t belong to any one speciality but actually is a combined science and general practitioners can well be transformed into oral implantologists if provided with structured education and training.

Scientific and Structured Curriculum

Curriculum of both first and second year is very structured so that knowledge imparted can be grasped and applied easily. We take you step by step through basic to advanced implantology progressively in order to establish a stronger foundation.

Learn directly from World Leaders

Faculty at CIIOMFI consist of names who are world leaders in the field of oral and maxillofacial implantology. Great combination of national and international leaders from academic and clinical background.

Education based on Evidence

Clinical evidences of more than 5 decades are the foundation of the education which we impart with our students. This helps our students to establish facts over fiction throughout their career in the field of oral implantology.

Hands-on Learning

Nothing can teach better than experience and so we have more than 15 practical sessions and numerous mentor guided sessions of routine and advanced surgeries.

Higher level of Recognition

Successful graduates of “Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Oral Implantology” attains higher level of recognition in International arena, among peers and in implant circuits. Overall credentials which helps you get recognition in many general dental bodies both in India and abroad.

Our Approach

Unbiased Scientific Learning

Often, Implantologists base their judgement under influence of limited knowledge or dependability on any particular system or commercial engagement but we are completely unbiased and provide a neutral atmosphere of pure scientific learning. Which means, you will only learn whats necessary for you to become an expert implantologist and will rely on scientific investigations for indications or contraindications in order to provide best treatment to your worthy patient.

Prosthetically Driven Implantology Approach

At Ciiomfi, We begin with end results in our mind and that forms the basis of exhaustive treatment planning. Implantology is not only surgically relevant but prosthetic restoration and soft tissue management has a major role to play for achieving long term predictable results.

Integrating Medical and Dental Sciences approach

With the marked increase in life expectancy of our patients, it soon became clear that mastery of the surgical and prosthetic phases of contemporary implantology had a relatively limited influence on the mid term (15 years) and long term (beyond 20 years) success rate of the procedures, if they did not accompany the full understanding of the basic applied medical sciences with basic and applied dental sciences.