P.G. Certification in Comprehensive Implantology


A glance at first year:

  • Five didactic sessions covering basic and applied dental and medical sciences and overview of advanced clinical implantology topics.
  • Eight hands-on workshops including implant kit and basic armamentarium, incision, flap design and suturing, dummy implant placement, medical imaging, asepsis, lab work flow and prosthesis.
  • Minimum six surgical sessions including demonstration surgeries and student performing surgeries mentor’s supervision. All students must perform at least one simple implant case surgery under mentor’s supervision for successfully qualifying to advance level.
Implant Placement Medical Imaging
Incision & Suturing Sinus Window Preparation

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First Session:

Dates: 26th April & 27th April, 2019 (New Delhi) | 27th April & 28th April , 2019 (Mumbai)
Title: Treatment plan and planification.
Purpose: Capability of medial investigations, treatment planning and patient recruitment.
  • Introduction to Implantology
  • Philosophy of CIIOMFI
  • Implant types and classification
  • Types of implant surgeries
  • Loading protocols
  • French volumetric classification of bone
  • ASA classification
  • Test of Primary and Secondary Investigations
  • Principles of Implant surgery and patient follow-up
  • Treatment plan and planification
  • Indication and contra indication
  • Medical imaging (Part one and two both)
  • Medical record filing
  • Medical communication
  • Malpractices

Second Session:

Dates: 19th July & 20th July, 2019 (New Delhi) | 20th July & 21th July , 2019 (Mumbai)
Title: Prosthetically drivan implantology.
Purpose: Capability in prosthetic planning and doing different type of implant born prosthetics.
  • Bio mechanical Forces
  • Occlusion considerations in Implantology
  • Basic prosthesis – steps, components and
    impression techniques
  • Different types of prosthesis
  • Temporisation
  • Intra oral scan
  • Digital work flow
  • Case presentation

Third Session:

Tentative Dates: 5th October – 7th October, 2019
Title: Surgical Sciences
Purpose: Capability to placing implants in simple cases and correct medical evaluation of patients health before during and after surgery.
  • Bone physiology and metabolism
  • Successful bone and soft tissue healing
  • Medical evaluation of patient before, during
    and after surgery
  • Surgical armamentarium
  • Surgical protocols and checklist
  • Follow up and complication management
  • Surgical anatomy
  • Asepsis, sterilisation and infection control
  • Emergency, premed and medication
  • Hemostasis
  • Anaesthesia

Fourth Session:

Tentative Dates: 3rd January – 5th January, 2020
Title: Surgical Sciences
Purpose: Capability of patient’s case recording, case presentation and follow up.
  • Daily calcium metabolism
  • Periosteum
  • Dental photography
  • Stage II surgery and soft tissue management
  • Implant Aesthetics overview
  • Guided implantology overview
  • Applications of lasers in implantology
  • Lab work flow and communication

Fifth Session:

Tentative Dates: 3rd April – 5th April, 2020
Title: Initiation to Advanced Implantology | Assessment through written examination
Purpose: Ability to plan treatment of complex cases and advance implantology initiation.
  • Definition of complicated cases
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Immediate loading (single or multiple)
  • Socket management
  • Partial extraction therapy
  • Bone Grafting
  • Bone expansion and compaction
  • Biomaterials, GBR and GTR
  • Block Graft
  • Management of complications (surgical)
  • Hypnosis

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Work Shop and Hands-On

Implant Kit & Surgical Material


Implant Kit & Surgical Material Prosthetics

Implant Placement

Medical Imaging

Implant Placement Medical Imaging

Incision & Suturing

Sinus Window Preparation

Incision & Suturing Sinus Window Preparation

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  • Every student is required to perform at least one surgery under mentor’s supervision in second year.
  • Case selection, preparation and presentation should be in accordance to the Institute protocol.
  • Surgical session dates will be amicably decided between students and mentors.
  • Though minimum two surgeries should be performed per session.
  • For group discussion, case discussion and post-op follow up a private group will be formed.
  • Management reserves the right to increase or decrease number of surgical sessions.
  • Students should be eligible to perform surgeries in India.


  • Two Passport size photos and copy of your degree or state license is mandatory for registration.
  • Surgical and restorative materials are separately payable.
  • No refund of fee after last date of registrations.
  • Third year fee is directly payable to France.
  • Institute will not be responsible for visa/travel arrangements.
  • All assignments and case presentations etc should be done on or before time deadline.

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