Foreword to the Delegates

First Year Delegates

Dear Colleagues,

With the marked increase in life expectancy of our patients, it is very clear that mastery of the surgical and prosthetic phases of contemporary implantology have a relatively limited influence on the mid term (15 years) and long term (beyond 20 years) success rate of the procedures, if they did not accompany the full understanding of the basic and applied medical sciences.

The study of such basic sciences including anatomy, bone and periosteal histo-physiology and metabolism, radiology, anesthesiology, general health and medical evaluation of the patients, management of complications had to become an integral part of a credible teaching program.

Our principal founder, legendary Prof Dr Manuel CHANAVAZ involved all these aspects of contemporary implants and reconstructive surgery in the course curriculum in order to prepare students for what many call “Predictable Implantology”.

We welcome you to join us in this journey of academic, multi disciplinary and contemporary Implantology and experience with us these life changing sciences.


Second Year Delegates

Dear Colleagues,

This programme concerns the successful implant rehabilitation of either patients requiring complex treatments,  or  those  presenting major  atrophies  of  jaw  bones  combined with  unfavourable  intermaxillary relationships. It aims essentially to train scientifically and clinically, both graduates of the first Certificate Course on Comprehensive  Implantology  and other  experienced  implantologists* who wish  to  extend  their  surgical competence  to all  forms of  complex  implant and bone grafting  techniques.

The scientific and pragmatic approach  to  the choice of bone substitute materials and healing mechanisms of hard and  soft  tissues of oral and maxillofacial  sphere  constitutes  the backbone of  the programme.

The programme extend over four modular sessions with intervals of some two months. Numerous hands-on and supervised clinical sessions familiarize the students with the surgical management of many so called “inaccessible surgical complexities”.

* Experienced Implantalogists must justify having placed a minimum of 50 implants and completed prostheses.