FAQ’s & Generation Information

Why take a structured implant dentistry course?
Implant dentistry is highly specialized field and in today’s medico-legal atmosphere and high cost of
dentistry overheads, one needs to go through a proper structured course with complete know how of basic,
applied and clinical sciences. Oral implantology is combined science and one needs time to digest the
totality of it in order to become a master of it.
Is this course affiliated with any university?
Yes, this course is aff iliated with universities in Europe, USA, Canada and Middle East and currently
being conducted in more than 7 countries.
What about post course support?
Clinical faculty will gracefully help you with treatment planning but relevant data must be emailed to
them. We always have a social media group dedicate to students or their query.
Will I be ready to place implant myself after successful completion of this course?
Much before the course completes but if you wants to master the science, it will take time. Whole
objective of this course is to make you capable, capable of doing routine and advanced procedures and
capable of managing complications.


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