P.G. Diploma in Advanced Oral Implantology


This year concerns the successful implant rehabilitation of either patients requiring complex treatments, or those presenting major atrophies of jaw bones combined with unfavourable intermaxillary relationships. It aims essentially to train scientifically and clinically, both graduates of the first year course on “Comprehensive Implantology” and other experienced implantologists, who wish to extend their surgical competence to all forms of comple procedures and bone grafting techniques.


  • First year graduates will directly be enrolled to this advance level progressing towards their ambition of becoming Post Graduate Diploma holders.
  • Experienced practitioners not having ambition of pursuing Post Graduate Diploma or Degree course can attend this advance level on modular basis but the exit award would be inferior to the Diploma.

A glance at second year:

  • This year will mainly cover topics on managing bone defects, role of biomaterials and biocompatibility in complex implant cases, maxillary sinus grafting, surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation of partially and completely edentulous cases.
  • Four sessions of advanced clinical implantology of three days each covering curriculum didactically, clinically and practically.
  • All students must perform one complex case surgery under mentor’s supervision for successfully qualifying to advance level.
  • Surgical session this year usually takes place in OT environment of our associated hospitals.
  • All demonstrative surgeries or supervised surgeries would be according to designated topics for that particular module.
  • Students of diploma or degree course can perform supervised surgeries during any module but short course students will get to perform supervised surgeries during pre designated session.
  • This year assessment will be through both written and oral examination


  • Bone Grafting and Bone Manipulation
  • Maxillary Sinus Grafting
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue Management and Surgical Session

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First Module: Bone grafting, ridge split and bone expansion-compaction.

Dates: 19th July & 20th July, 2019 (New Delhi) | 20th July & 21th July , 2019 (Mumbai)
Objective: Ability to manage bone defects and bone manipulations.
Hands-on: Bone grafting and piezosurgery.
  • Overview of patient screening, medical evaluation for advanced surgeries
  • Overview of bone composition
  • Overview of surgical anatomy of jaws
  • Morphological changes in bone with ageing
  • Horizontal, vertical and combined bone defects
  • Overview of French volumetric classification
  • Indications and contra indications for bone expansion and compaction, ridge split and onlay bone grafting.
  • Indicated biomaterial
  • Surgical techniques and armamentarium
  • Soft tissue management and incision pattern
  • Methods to harvest autogenous bone chisels, burs and peizotome
  • Principles of use of peizosurgery
  • Methods of immobilizing block graft
  • Use of PRF
  • Management of surgical complications
  • Live surgical demonstration

Second Module: Maxillary sinus grafting.

Tentative Dates: 8th October & 9th October, 2019.
Objective: Clinical ability to independently handle maxillary sinus surgeries.
Hands-on: Sinus window preparation, bone grafting on animal head and PRF
  • Surgical anatomy of maxillary sinus and anatomical variations
  • Treatment plan and communication
  • Bone substitutes
  • Surgical Armamentarium
  • Sinus transplant surgery
  • Mastery of surgical combinations: Sinus graft and simultaneous implantation
  • Piezo surgery: principles indications – uses
  • Apposition and sub sinus graft
  • Sinus graft, implants and immediate loading
  • Iconographic interpretation
  • Case study
  • Scenario
  • Use of PRF
  • Post-operative and Complications Management
  • Live surgical demonstration

Third Module: Full mouth rehabilitation and immediate loading.

Tentative Dates: 3rd January – 5th January, 2020
Objective: Capability of planning and treatment of partially and completely edentulous cases.
Hands-on: Facebow prosthetic planning.
  • Principles of complex implantology
  • Prosthetic evaluation of complex cases
  • Diagnostic tools and essential records
  • Treatment plan and communication
  • Medical Imaging and planification
  • Use of articulators and facebow
  • Management of partially edentate cases
  • Management of completely edentate cases Occlusal philosophy
  • Concept of immediate loading in FMR
  • Lab communication
  • Concept and use of tilted implants (All-on-4)
  • Management of complications in FMR
  • Live surgical demonstration

Fourth Module: Surgeries and restorations.

Tentative Dates: 3rd April – 5th April, 2020
Objective: Treatment planning and surgical experience of complex implant cases
Hands-on: Soft tissue management on animal head
  • Pre prosthetic management of soft tissue.
  • Management of adequate attached gingiva around implants.
  • Papilla enhancement.
  • Role of progressive interim prosthesis.
  • Preparation for surgeries and supervision of student cases of complex implant cases.
  • Restoration of complex implant cases done in previous modules.

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Bone grafting and piezosurgery.

Sinus window preparation, bone grafting on animal head and PRF

Imaging, prosthetic and communication.

Patient surgeries.

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  • Every student is required to perform at least one surgery under mentor’s supervision in second year.
  • Case selection, preparation and presentation should be in accordance to the Institute protocol.
  • Surgical session dates will be amicably decided between students and mentors.
  • Though minimum two surgeries should be performed per session.
  • For group discussion, case discussion and post-op follow up a private group will be formed.
  • Management reserves the right to increase or decrease number of surgical sessions.
  • Students should be eligible to perform surgeries in India.

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